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We understand investors because We Are investors.

Tired of dealing with typical third party property management companies who’ve never owned any real estate, Mainstreet was started to manage the founder’s existing portfolio of multifamily and office properties. We understand exactly where money needs to be spent and where money can be saved to optimize the performance of your real estate asset.


Specialists at getting market rate rents - Fast

Rental prices have soared in recent years and unfortunately many properties are leaving money on the table with property managers who would prefer not to go through the hassle of raising rents and turning over tenants. We are the opposite. At Mainstreet, we will leave no stone unturned to make sure you get every single unit up to market rate rents, before you even ask us. As investors ourselves, we understand that your building is only worth the income it brings in.


  • Multifamily

  • Single Family Home Rentals

  • Office/Retail

  • Condo Associations


Construction Consultation

We offer in-depth consulting services on properties requiring major renovations. Not only will we recommend trusted general contractors and subcontractors, but we will also walk-through your project and advise on the level of renovation needed to optimize rents. Over/Under-renovation can severely impact the long-term returns on your investment. Understanding the so-called “Sweet spot” of each project is imperative.

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